All to Avi Your first conversion

After installing AllToAvi open the application/ tool/ program or whatever you call it. I think it's more a tool, but ok it's not the place to worry about that.

AllToAvi GUI

After you start up the tool you'll see the following window.
1 AlltoAvi GUI

As you can see tips is straight away given for those who were to lazy to check the changes in their logfile/version history.
The GUI is really synoptic. From here you can create new job's using "Add a file" or "Add a directory".
Listed jobs can be edit using "Remove from List" and "Edit Selected" .
At last Save, Load and ofcourse Execute Job.

So let us convert a difficult container like Matroska Video better known as MKV files. Press the "Add a file" button to add a job.
You'll be taken to the next window.

2 AlltoAvi Add File 1

See the GUI is just great! You can see anything you want to edit straight away. You can edit the values in your order. You can choose using the comboboxes or you just type in your value. I recommend you to choose your values so nothing can be wrong. I tried using Saikano and filled in till I got this.

3 AlltoAvi Add File 2

!You see the checkboxes "Audio Stream copy" and "Original is mkv and has AAC audio". Use those only when you fail or you know for sure.
In my case it was not needed. Aww, don't forget the subtitle, I din't need it, but you might need it. Default is none.

Press "Add to Job" to add the job and return to the main window.

4 AlltoAvi GUI

As you can see the job is added. Press "Execute Job" to start converting.

A dos window will open (cmd.exe as stated below) and the conversion starts.
Don't worry about a couple Skipping frames, I had 1 Skipping frame in the whole movie. With 23+FPS you won't notice this missing free. If you do, please notify your parents, neighbourhood your countrey and start making money.

5 AlltoAvi converting mkv to avi xvid finished

Here we see my last screenshot, the finishing touch of AllToAvi. It's done.
We can find the converted file in the same directory as the original named as cvt_[original name].avi

This conclude the tutorial.



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