All to Avi Installing

The setup is a wizard and in fact you need to click "" and one checkbox to install this program. I put this tutorial up in case you think you did something wrong. In this tutorial I used "alltoavi_3.0.0_R2_installer.exe" at 15 aug 2006.

Get your copy of AllToAvi

  1. Get the installation at
  2. You see multi files but the one you are looking for is "1 - Stable Release"
    Click on it, choose a mirror and start downloading

Run setup and install AllToAvi

  1. Start the wizard, you'll be nicely informed an setup has started and want to install AllToAvi
    1 Setup starts

  2. Press ok and the wizard starts
    2 Wizard starts

  3. Press next to read the license.
    3 License

    To accept the agreement, please click on the radio button left of "I accept the agreement"
    After this press Next

  4. In fact you need to press Next untill it starts to install and finish the setup.
    You'll meet the next screens.

    4 Choose folder

    5 Start menu

    6 Shortcut

    7 Version history

    8 Finished

    If you launches the tool inmediately, you might want to check the tutorial, "Your first conversion".



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