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AlltoAvi is a great program to convert anything to avi. Their purpose, anything you can playback, anything you can convert. Most people wants to convert from OGM, MKV to xVid or Divx so they can view it using their divx player (like me). You can als use the program to convert movies to your Sony PSP (just save as a MPEG4 file and rename it to 'mpg').

A lot of programs exists like Gordian Knot , AutoGK, SimpleDivx ... I can go on. So why masters AlltoAvi those programs? A very good question and easy to answer. AlltoAvi is nothing but simple. It does provide you the options you want, selecting your audio stream, subtitle's and bitrates in a synoptic way. Though you can convert your video file in just a few clicks. Not a lot of windows to fill in, just one window to list all your conversions, the main gui job list and one to set the converting settings and file. I like this better than the one-clicks because you want to know what quality you get. Also I hate wizards, they might be easy but doesn't give you a nice and easy overview. AllToAvi gives you a nice overview in which you can edit inmediately. Also I like this better than Gordian Knot in that application you get overwhelmed by all featuresyou don't want to know of.

AllToAvi GUI: Main

User Experience

Myself I used AllToAvi and I stick with it. It does what it tells you. Just see this feature "100% OGM/MKV support" . A lot programs have trouble with those containers, but I had never any problem when using this tool. It's so easy and has a great lay-out. All speaks for themself. No lot of tabs, just what you want to have. So, you want to know how it works? Check my tutorials.

Installing AlltoAvi - In fact the wizard does all things for you. Still to be complete. (used "alltoavi_3.0.0_R2_installer.exe"). Based 15 aug 2006
Your first conversion - Converting with AlltoAvi is simple. Using "alltoavi_3.0.0_R2" at 15 aug 2006.

Size, speed and quality

I used the settings from my tutorial "Your first conversion" . Using the "Media Classic " to get file propeties I got these.

Source file specifications
Converted file specifications
Source file propeties
Converted file propeties

Result information

The file file is ~14,69% bigger using these high settings (Video 1000 KBPS, Audio 128 KBPS, Resolution 704x396).
It took me 21 minutes (keeping µTorrent open at speeds of 80KBPS down, 50KBPS up, Firefox, ZoneAlarm Free, Norton Antivirus 2005) .
My Laptop specifications are:


The quality, using these settings, was supreme. It runned as smooth as the MKV version and there were no blocks I could see searching peole's outline's. That's the greatest problem there is, but it looks perfectly even whe I zoomed the 704x396 to 1024x768 (my fullscreen) no blocks at all. So it's really good.

Efficiëncy and conclusion

I haven't got a table to show you, but the efficiëncy is really high. For just 21 minutes, with almost every applications just running, giving 99% the same quality. For your eyes, no differents between the source and converted file, even when zooming 45% you won't see the difference.

AllToAvi is freeware, small 21MB, and complete. Most tools ask you to download the xVid, Divx, mencoder or anything else for yourself. Then you install those and you just have to hope the program will see it.
NOT with AllToAvi! It installs anything it needs, it's complete and will work inmediately after installing. You can really use my tutorials "Installing AlltoAvi" and "Your first conversion" straight after each other without rebooting your system. You'll need just 30 minutes testing before you know, this is the key to conversion (to avi)!



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