Though the main aim of AllToAvi is ogm and mkv to avi, it can do a lot more. It may also convert to mpeg or even from Quicktime. Above all these containers may also have, for example, AAC audio and H.264 video codec. There is no need the ogm or mkv should have a videofile in the appriote codec.


  • XP Style Status window
  • Drag n Drop
  • Mouse over Tips, user friendly
  • Pause, stop conversion anytime
  • very fun to read and helpful manual
  • Right click to convert folder/file
  • Support for AAC audio
  • Support for H.264! At last! my backlogs!
  • Can now encode to avi with PCM(wave) audio, this means all audio formats can be encoded no matter what!
  • Less error prone, more checks are added
  • More codecs, you can now encode to Mpeg as well
  • Windows Media Codecs now supported (better known as WMV files)
  • New tip system give you insights into how to convert sucessfully
  • Brand new GUI
  • 100% OGM/MKV support
  • Any format, as long as you can watch, you can convert
  • Subtitle track selection
  • Audio track selection
  • Resizing
  • Custom Bitrate
  • Custom Codec encoding
  • Multi platform (POSIX, Win32)
  • External Audio files (any format)
  • External Subtitle files (any format)
  • Stream information is given, ie language of the stream is in the selection box instead of numbers


Supported conversions

  • OGM to avi with subtitle and audio
  • MKV to avi with subtitle and audio
  • VOB to avi with audio [SUB not tested, please post to let me know if it works]
  • AVI to avi
  • WMV to avi
  • RM/RMVB to avi
  • MOV to avi
  • MPEG (all) to avi
  • H.264
  • AAC audio
  • Full list

  • ...? Did you found more supported conversions, please let me now! Logo Support This Project
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