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What is alltoavi?

GUI version 3

This project is a tool to convert especially ogm and mkv files to avi, with subtitle and audio track selection, video resizing, bitrate selection and codec selection. It is centered around mencoder, with a commandline tool as well as a GUI for Windows.

I first decided to do this after countless of animes became backlogs on my server' HDD simply because i cannot get bothered converting it using tools like virtualdubmod, it simply take way too much time and HDD Space.




Supported conversions

  • OGM to avi with subtitle and audio
  • MKV to avi with subtitle and audio
  • VOB to avi with audio [SUB not tested, please post to let me know if it works]
  • AVI to avi
  • WMV to avi
  • RM/RMVB to avi
  • MOV to avi
  • MPEG (all) to avi
  • H.264
  • AAC audio
  • Full list

  • ...? Did you found more supported conversions, please let me now!

Help with this project

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